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Rebuild Ukraine with us

The invasion of Ukraine, which has been going on for more than two years now, has continuously depleted the country at various levels.

We monitor the current situation and try to bring targeted help where it is really needed.

And thanks to you, we can continue.

Active projects

Help our superheroes

Our volunteers work is not for free. Like you, we have to pay for food, housing and insurance.

Our heroes started as students or people with completely different jobs. And when the war broke out, they cast everything aside. In a year and a half of war, the original small core of volunteers became full-time humanitarian workers. As the number of new projects and new volunteers continues to grow, we are also increasing the impact of our help.

Collected 189 237 Kč from 300 000 Kč

We have to transport aid

Our assistance to the people of Ukraine is based on logistics and the distribution of…
Collected 20 550 Kč from 150 000 Kč
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Maternity hospitals under fire

Although most of the residents have left Cherson, 10-15 babies are born every month in…
Collected 28 848 Kč from 100 000 Kč
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Aid for Mrs. Iryna

Last year we helped Mrs. Iryna and her shelter. Thanks to us, Mrs. Iryna doesn't…
Collected 13 670 Kč from 80 000 Kč
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Completed projects

Warmth for Cherson

After the Russian occupation, people in the Kherson region lacked even such basic things as heating material for their stoves. In two trucks we brought 20 tons of briquettes to the Kherson region and distributed them to the most vulnerable and needy. Therefore, surviving the difficult winter in half-demolished houses was a bit easier for many.

Collected 284 009 Kč from 167 000 Kč

Humanitarian corridor to Ukraine

Our fleet consists of three trucks (40t, 18t, 12t), which regularly travel on the route Prague – Ukraine. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion to Ukraine, we have transported more than 1,000 tonnes of material across the Slovak border.

Collected 523 799 Kč from 450 000 Kč

Join us!

Do you have a specific idea or an area in which you could help usthat is in line with our values and goals?

About the project

The name Corridor UA is not accidental. Our main mission is to connect those who want to help with those who need help.

So we are creating a corridor where we help donors, companies and other non-profit organizations to effectively get aid to Ukraine. We handle transportation, help with border clearance, arrange volunteers, and through this website we would also like to provide financial assistance.

On this website you can support not only our projects, but also the projects of our allied and trusted organisations.

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